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This privacy policy describes aims to educate you on how we gather and use any data we obtain from you or that you voluntarily supply to us. Both information that could and information that could not be used to identify you are covered. The term “process” is used in the legislation and this notice refers to the gathering, storing, transferring, using, or other action on the information. It informs you of your privacy rights and the ways in which the law shields you.
We are dedicated to maintaining the privacy and secrecy of your personal data. Our policy is a demonstration of our continued regard for you and your personal information, not just a legal compliance exercise.
We promise to maintain the confidentiality you provide us personally, and we sincerely hope you do the same. Our policy conforms with the EU General Data Protection Regulation in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (Act) (GDPR). According to the law, we must inform you of your rights and responsibilities with regard to the use and management of your personal data.

We Process Data:

We could gather, utilize, store, and transfer various types of personal information about you. These have been organized into the following groups:
Your identification is made up of details like your first and last names, job titles, date of birth, and any other identifiers you may have given us in the past.
Your contact information comprises any details you have provided to us for communication or meetings, such as your email address, delivery address, billing address, and phone number.

Your Financial Data Consists Of Details About Your Account And Credit Card:

Transaction data consists of information regarding payments, correspondence with you and us, as well as the services and products you have purchased from us.
Your IP address, website version, type time zone configuration and location, browser connector types and versions, system software, and platform, and other technical information about the devices you use to access our website are examples of technical data.
Your profile contains details like your password and username, purchases or orders you’ve made, as well as information about your hobbies, preferences, feedback, and survey replies.
Your preferences for getting marketing from us, your communication preferences, and your answers to and actions related to using our services are all examples of marketing data.
For whatever reason, we may combine anonymous data, such as statistical or demographic information. Data that does not personally identify you is known as anonymous data. Although aggregate data may be created from your personal data, it is not protected by the law as a personal information because it conceals your identity.

For instance, we might combine profile information to gauge interest in a good or service.

However, we treat combined data as personally identifiable information and will use it in compliance with this privacy notice if we merge or connect gathered information with your private details so that it can recognize you in any way.

The Principles We Use To Process Your Information:

According to the legislation, we must decide which of six specified bases applies to the processing of certain categories of your personally identifiable information and notify you of that determination.
If one of the reasons we use to handle your personal data is no longer valid, we will stop doing so right away.
If the basis changes, we will tell you of the change and any new grounds we have found to be permissible for us to continue processing your information, as required by law.

Information That We Handle As A Result Of A Contract With You:

A contract is made between you and us when you open an account on our webpage, purchase a service or product from us, or otherwise accept our terms and conditions.
We must process the information you provide us in order to fulfill our obligations under that contract. There’s a chance that some of this data contains personal data.
We might use it to: verify your authenticity for security reasons
sell you items and offer you our services
provide you pointers and recommendations on goods, services, and how to make the most of our website
We handle this data on the assumption that there is a contract between us or that you have given us permission to use it in advance of a formal agreement.
Until the relationship between us expires or is terminated by either party in accordance with the terms of the contract, we will continue to process this information.

Information We Handle With Your Permission:

You give us permission to handle information that may be personal information by doing specific activities when there isn’t otherwise a legal relationship between us, such as when you explore our website or request more information about our company, including our products and services.
Wherever feasible, we try to get your express permission before processing this information, such as when we ask for your approval to use cookies.
Your username and contact information may occasionally be given to carefully chosen affiliates who we believe might offer services or goods you would find beneficial, provided we have your express consent to do so.
Until you revoke your consent or it is logically inferred that your consent no longer exists, we keep processing your data on this basis.

We Process Information For Purposes Of Our Legitimate Interests:

If there is a compelling purpose in processing the information, either for us or for you, we may do so.
When we handle your data on this criterion, we do so after carefully evaluating whether the same goal may be attained by using alternative methods.
If processing (or not processing) could affect you if you’d expect us to process your data and if you’d ultimately think it was appropriate to do so
For instance, we might use this basis to process your data in order to:
keeping the records required for the effective and efficient management of our business.
Protecting and enforcing the rights under the law of any party defending against or seeking professional advice that is necessary to manage business risk safeguarding your interests.
When we start believing we have a duty to do so responding to unsolicited information exchange from you to which we genuinely think you would expect a response.

Application For Jobs And Employment:

We may preserve any information you submit to us in connection with a job application for up to three years in case we need to get in touch with you in the future.
If we hire you, we may periodically gather data about you and your work during the course of your employment. Only uses of this data that are directly related to your employment will be made. We shall retain your file for six years following the termination of your employment before deleting or destroying it.

Getting In Touch With Us:

We gather the information you provide when you approach us, whether it’s over the phone, online, or via email, so we can respond with the details you require.
In order to improve the effectiveness of our business, we collect your request and our response.
In order to offer you a high-quality service, we preserve personally identifiable information related to your communication, such as your name and email address.

Information About Affiliates And Commercial Partners:

This is information that you have provided to us as one of our business partners or as one of our affiliates.
The Customer shall be charged with ensuring that the Materials that the Client has given or approved do not violate any laws, moral standards, advertising guidelines, or other rights of third parties. Such material may be rejected and removed by the Agency without any consequences. The Agency shall also have the right to rescind the Order.
It enables us to identify the clients you have sent our way and to give you the commission you are owed for those referrals. It also contains data that enables us to provide you commission.
Nothing further is done with the information.
We promise to keep the details of our agreement and the information included therein secret.
Any affiliate or partner must concur with this policy in order to work with us.


When you visit any website, a little text file called a cookie is stored on the hard disc of your computer by your web browser. They enable data collected on one web page to be saved until it is required for use on another, giving you a more individualized experience and the website owner statistics about how you use the site so it can be improved.
Some cookies may only exist for a specific amount of time, such as one day or until your browser is closed. Others endure forever.
You should be able to delete any using your web browser. You ought to be able to restrict or stop their use using it as well.
Cookies are used on this site. Software running on our systems and software run by outside companies whose services we employ both place them.
We check your permission to use cookies whenever you first visit our website. If you decide not to approve them, we won’t use them for your visit other than to note that you haven’t given permission for their use in any other way.
You won’t be able to enjoy all the features of our website if you decide not to use cookies or if you disable their use across your browser settings.
We use cookies in the accompanying directions: • to track how you use our website; • to keep you registered to our website; • to record your responses to surveys and questionnaires while you are on our site; • to record the current conversation throughout a live chat with our support team.

Identifiers Connected To Your Browsing Activities:

Your web browser requests internet pages as well as other content from our servers.

Data Processing May Occur Outside Of The European Union:

We either host our websites in the UK or the USA.
In other facets of our business, we might occasionally use outsourced services from nations outside the European Union.
As a result, data collected in the UK or any other nation may be processed outside of the EU.
For instance, some of the software that is used on our website may have been created in Australia or the United States.
With regard to information sent outside of the European Union, we employ the following security measures:
The processor is a member of the same multinational corporation as our company or organization and is subject to the same legally binding corporate norms with regard to the processing of personal data.
Transfer provisions drafted by or approved by a supervisory body in the European Union are included in the data protection agreements in our contracts with data processors.

Your Obligation To Alert Us About Changes:

The personal information we have on you must be accurate and up to date. If your personal information changes, do let us know.

The Ability To Access Your Personal Data:

By logging into your account on our website, you can at any time examine or change the personally identifiable information we have on file for you.
If you would need a copy of any data that is not available on our website, please get in touch with us.
Following receipt of your request, we will let you know when we anticipate sending the information to you and whether a cost is necessary.

Your information will be deleted:

You should get in touch with us if you want us to delete personally identifiable information from our website.
This can restrict the level of service we can offer you.
the confirmation of your data
Before providing you access or taking any other action after receiving a request to access, modify, or delete personally identifiable information, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to confirm your identity. For the protection of your information, this is crucial.

Using The Website By Kids:

We don’t promote to kids and we don’t sell things or offer services that kids can buy.
Our website can only be used by minors with parental or guardian permission.
Regardless of age, we gather information on everyone who uses or visits these places, and we believe that some of those people will be kids.

How To File A Grievance:

A publishing medium is our website. Anyone can sign up and post information about themselves, another person, or both.
We make an effort to control user-generated content, but we are not always successful in doing so as quickly as it is released.
We will look into any complaints you make regarding any of the content on our website.
While we look into it, we may remove the content if we feel it is appropriate or if we think the law requires it.
Free speech is a basic right, thus we must decide whose right will be interfered with: yours or the individual who uploaded the offensive message.
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